Alphabet Anarchy (Single Bundle)

by Roskrow

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I've always wanted to write and record my own Alphabet track, while making sure I took a different approach with it so musically I strayed away from the traditional Hip Hop sound and went into a darker/rockier direction. Song produced and Mixed by Rob Jones at Manor Studio.


released December 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Roskrow Essex, UK


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Twitter: @RoskrowArtist
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Track Name: Alphabet Anarchy
1. Abusing arrangements and alliteration
2. Accusing agents, of assassination
3. Abolishing, authorities, that authorise anguish
4. Anarchists are angered, artistic anthems
1. Brought by the best, boom bap to Banksy
2. Bars baring blows, beat box to bang beats
3. Blasting Bone Bone Bone, to broken Bone Ballads
4. By Braintree bypass. But, bankers
1. Commence casualties, content, candidly
2. Cause cancer for cures. connect charities
3. corporate corruption. Continuous culprits
4. cause^ combustion, commissioning conflicts
1. Distribute death! Designing depictions
2. Dehumanisation, divided dominions
3. Devise distractions. Derelict days
4. Delivery Driver. Discussing dismay?
1. Example, endless, executions
2. Evil's enforced. The End of Evolution
3. Emerges. Evaluate ethics
4. Errors erupt. As earthlings exit
1. Fragile families from flats, feeling Famished
2. Fascist factions, Facilitate fracking
3. Financial fuckry, frauding fat fucks
4. Formulate faulty fortunes, feeding frack funds
1. Gadhafi guarded gold ,gain golden geese.
2. As Google goofs. Governments Globally.
3. Gathering, gunmen. Growth of genocide
4. As guardians of, galaxies^ gather guides
1. To Hitch hike. Hey Heisenburg is
2. On hidenburg. And he's, high on herb
3. Hedingham. Homes this Heavy hitter
4. In Hip Hop. (Hooray' ho!) Hither
1. Internal inspiration, ink's! illustrating
2. Infinite Inflation, and^ invasions
3. Of imbeciles, inciting ignorance
4. Insecure idiots, imply, impotence
1. J'mappelle Joel, joker, jester
2. My Jaw jabbers jigsaws, jolting Jessops
3. In Jumangi jungles, Joyriding Jets
4. With Jolteon, Jazzebelle, and Jazzy Jeff
1. While Kermit's on ket. K-lash and Kendrick
2. Kill KKK's. King kong's in kemit
3. Kanye kills keys. Kim K's a keeper
4. Keeping it kinky. With a killer keister
1. Love local lock-ins, listening to Lana
2. Lips leaking liquid, listed as lager
3. Love leaving late, lifted and larger
4. Than life! Laughing, looting larders
1. Murdering munchies, moaning murtle's munted
2. Murked many moonshines, mentally mumbling
3. Mercy my money. My memory's mash
4. I madly miss matt, or maybe miss max
1. Nevermind you nitwit. News anchors narrate
2. These nauseating notions, noting needless names
3. But nature needs nurture, nations are nuking
4. Neanderthal Nazi's need to be neutered
1. Ouija, owners overlooking omens
2. Occupied objects... odd odours
3. Osiris open up! I override
4. Obedient officials, who obey organised
1. Protection of pricks, in parliament persist
2. In perpetuating poverty. Proudly permitting
3. The pimping of paupers. Prime minister's prick
4. Pokes Porky pig. Posing For a pic
1. For the queen, So quality is quintessential
2. Quil quantities, of, queezy questions.
3. Quote Queen and Quo, Quagmire's quaking
4. Quarrel ling at quazer, quenching quavers
1. And I Recite rhymes. Rob Jones records these
2. Ruthless rhythms, Roskrow's reporting
3. Rebellions, ugh'. Rally renegades to
4. Rob Rockefeller. Rap's renovating
1. Short sighted shit's. I'm switching styles sick
2. This slim Sagittarius, seldom simplifies shit
3. Stop swearing says Shelby, now searching
4. For somewhere to stay, s-s-sofa surfing
1. At Tim's, "Take tea?", two teaspoons
2. Then I torture tories to a trains theme tune
3. Thomas the tank. Then torture tyrants
4. To 12 Tupacs tracks, then talk to Tyson
1. UK, USA use ultraviolence
2. Upon utopians, but I utilise
3. UFO'S..., to unleash urine
4. Upon UKIP, Ugly they're using
1. Their Views to validate, victimisation
2. Viciously. Vital to vanquish
3. These venomous vipers. I visit verses
4. For venting various, views and verdicts
1. In wonderland. Walking with wolves
2. And Witness wildlife, in a wardrobes wall
3. The white witch wage war. Like wild wild west
4. While we wage war, on the world wide web
1. On Xmas! X ray an Xbox
2. Xerox Xzibit's arse. X cons
3. Examine X factor. An X anchor
4. Of the X files explain, an X banker
1. Yelled yolo. Yelawolf, Yoshi
2. Yodel in Yeldam. Yu Gi gets Yobby
3. At Yoda, Yogi and a Yakuza
4. Yikes, Yesterday. Yes a YouTuber
1. Zoomed to the zoo. With a zillion zoots
2. With zebedee, zoltar, zoro and zeus.
3. Zapper's on Zelda. While Zig Zag
4. Is zapping zombie zealots, with! The zohan, ugh!